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When I was 19 years of age, I attempted to play the guitar and  allowed people to convince me that I was not good at it. Life is what  you make of it - not what others believe you should be. Started over  again learning to play about 3 years ago and love it.

Audio samples of my music are on SoundCloud or listed below.


This is the second time I tried to play an instrument. My choice in December, 2010 was the banjo. Little did I know bluegrass banjo is extremely difficult to play. I actually believe that I spent more time learning to play the banjo than I did on either of my Masters Degrees. But, I love it.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is a recent addition and I love playing it. My style is early country. Because of the internet's limitations I do not have any samples of my bass guitar ability.

Hand bells and Choir Chimes

I also play Handbells and Choirchimes at Christ Episcopal Church, Warren, OH.

My backing tracks are created with Band In A Box. I love the program! Band in a Box allows me to play as fast or as slow as I want without band member complaints about timing issues.


Ashokan Farewell

Backing tracks by Band in a Box.

Blackberry blossom

My Banjo, me and Band in a Box

Chicken Reel

My Banjo, me and Band In A Box

Cripple creek

I am playing banjo, guitar and bass guitar.

Dixie Hoe Down

My Recording King resonator guitar with Band In a Box backing tracks.

Nashville Blues

My banjo and Band in a Box.

Red Wing

My Banjo, me and Band In A Box

Red Wing on Guitar

"Red Wing" on my Recording King Dirty Thirties guitar.

Sailor's hornpipe - banjo

My banjo, me and Band In A Box

Sailor's Hornpipe - guitar

Guitar Instrumental with BIAB.

Soldier's Joy

Soldier's Joy played on my Recording King Guitar with Band In A Box backup.

Sourwood Mountain

My Banjo, me and Band In A Box

The Bells of St. Mary's

The Bells of St. Mary's created with Band in a Box Real Tracks and my Shure MVi.

Warner Hollow - Original music

This is my third composition! Originally named Arthur, I changed it to Warner Hallow. Warren Hallow is in Ashtabula County, Ohio and is a place where I hiked as a teenager. It has a covered bridge overlooking a creek..