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Murphy's Railroad

Dad love trains. 


My dad, Howard C. Murphy,  collected 12 inch gauge steam trains.  The last two videos were of the  last time dad ran a train. He died of melanoma about 3 months later in  September 2010.

The Ottaway came from Lake Shore Park, Ashtabula, OH. These are the only photos I have of it in the park.

He ran his trains at the Century Village in Burton, OH which still has his "Murphy's Railroad" as part of the exhibit.

I  never lost my love of train travel. Whenever I travel, somewhere or  somehow there was a train involved. My favorite trip was up to the "Top of Europe" in Switzerland. Nothing like -20 degree weather in May. 


Alliance OH Train Meet 1970-1973

Alliance OH Train Meet 1970-1973 from 8mm film. 

Century Village, Burton OH

The last time dad drove a train

Century Village, Burton OH

The Last time Dad drove a train

Dad running Perry Willis' Ottaway

 Dad running Perry Willis' Ottaway. The Ottaway is now in Chicago.